PMC-Eight Feature Request Subgroup

This subgroup shall only be used to suggest new features for the PMC-Eight System whether it be Hardware, Firmware, Software (driver or application), or Documents.

Please format the Message Subject as: "NEW" or "ENHANCE" followed by "HARDWARE", "FIRMWARE", "DRIVER", "APP", or "DOCS",
and then followed by a short name for the feature. For example:

Subject:  NEW-FIRMWARE-Add a way to Toggle the Communications Watchdog Function
DISCLAIMER:  Not All Suggested Features Will Be Implemented, But All Will Be Considered For Implementation.

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  • #Registered This tag is used to denote that the request has been recorded in our list of requests (Feature Requests File) 30 topics
  • #APP Application Related Feature Request 23 topics
  • #ExploreScientific Implemented by Explore Scientific 13 topics
  • #HARDWARE Hardware Related Feature Request 7 topics
  • #DRIVER Driver Related Feature Request 6 topics
  • #FIRMWARE Firmware Related Feature Request 4 topics
  • #OpenGOTO Implemented by the OpenGOTO Community 4 topics
  • #DOCS System Documentation Feature Request 4 topics
  • #file-notice 2 topics

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