ExploreStars and PHD2 over WiFi UDP/IP #iEXOS-100 #ExploreStars #astrophotography #wifi

Roger Laine

I am having great results with the iExos-100, having got used to ExploreStars and using Sharpcap Polar Alignment.
I am now starting to use PHD2 guiding: I did not expect to be able to run PHD2 over WiFi whilst connected to ExploreStars via UDP/IP based on the attached ‘3 ways’ info: however if I choose the ASCOM Generic Hub in the PHD2 ‘Connect Equipment’ form as shown in the attached screenshot I can run both simultaneously, which is perfect for quick setup sessions.  Is this expected/documented?
(I can of course also run PHD2 via ASCOM POTH when connected via serial cable, but I then lose ExploreStars).

A happy new user!

Roger, Atherstone, England, UK
Mount: ES iEXOS-100, Celestron NexStar SLT Alt/Az
OTA: Celestron 127/1500 Mak , Svbony 60mm Guide scope
Camera: Svbony Sv305, Sv205


thank you very much, great idea! I did too