Explore Scientific PMC-Eight ASCOM Driver Beta Test Version - ASCOMPAD Fix

Mark Lamb



I did have the ASCOMPAD Mount set to the PMC-8.  When I changed it to POTH and then had Mount to Connect, the PMC-8 would then respond to the XBox controller.

There are a few issues still:

1) Pushing the XBox button "X" to Park has no response, it requires me to mouse click the "Park" button on the ASCOMPAD window.  XBox button "Y" to UnPark seems to work, however.

2) POTH and ASCOMPAD do not seem to work together all the time, when I have both apps working.  It seems like the cursor has to be on ASCOMPAD window for the XBox controller to work, when the cursor is not on the ASCOMPAD window, there is no response.

3) If I bring CdC to the front, ASCOMPAD window disappears (and not in the tray at the bottom), and the ASCOMPAD app has to be relaunched to work.  After relaunch, ASCOMPAD does NOT know where Park is.

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