Re: ExploreStars 2 or 3 Star Alignment. #iEXOS-100 #ExploreStars #alignment


I have a Samsung galaxy A8 with android 9 it's from 2019 and the only software on it is the app explorestars and his database
Everything working but alignment not 
I choose 3 stars ore 2 stars and after I found star 1 I push sync and enter  than choose second star and do the same and also with the 3 star alligmant I do the same so I expected than is correct but if I go to a target after the whole alligmant than he stop far away from the target I choose
Mayby I do the alignment wrong but I can not find a Description howe to alligmant on a tablet so I try different ways
Mvg Patrick joore

Op do 10 jun. 2021 14:23 schreef Wes Mcdonald <wesmcd6@...>:


What tablet are you using, windows, iPad, android?

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The apps operate a bit differently and it is important to know which in order to help you.  From your description you are not doing this correctly.  Can tell better after you give us the tablet type.


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