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Hello Wes
Thx for you respons
I try it when it's clear here in the Netherlands and I let you know 
Once again thx
Grt Patrick Joore 

Op do 10 jun. 2021 20:55 schreef Wes Mcdonald <wesmcd6@...>:


Ok. Here is what you do.

1.  Setup the mount and get it as level as possible.  Point it so the weight bar in on the north side and pointing down.  It is best to have found the home position by following the procedure in document you Can find in the mounts sub group in the files section.  Place the mount in the home position.

2.  Turn on the mount.  Connect the Android to the pmc8 WiFi network.  Boot Explorestars and see if you can move the mount manually.  Set the rate to 9 and use the left-right-up-down arrows to check motion.

3.  Go to the settings menu and in the upper left see if the auto align is off. If not toggle it to turn it off.

4.  Start the 2 star alignment.  The first star will be shown on the main display.  If you want to use it press the goto button to go to it. If you don’t want to use it press the next button to see the next selection. 

5.  After the mount slews to the target you will need to carefully center the selected star in the eyepiece by using the arrows.  Set the rate to something manageable like 4 and center the correct star in the eyepiece.  You will probably need a red dot finder to ensure you are centering on the correct star.  If you center on the wrong star the alignment will not work.

6. After centering on the star you press ENTER button under the diagram.  Do not use the sync button.

7.  After you press enter, a second star selection will be offered.  If you like it you press goto.  If not press next.  

8. Once the second star is gone to you center it again in the eyepiece and press ENTER.  

9.  That completes the 2 star alignment.   The three star is exactly the same only three are used.  2 works well enough.

10.  Do a goto to a star you can easily identify.  Center that star in the eyepiece.  Now hit SYNC. You should be close now after gotos to other objects in the vicinity of that star you did a sync on.  

11.  If you go to an object a long way from the star in step 10 you might have to recenter  a nearby star and hit sync again.

That’s it.  I believe the app in the play store works with Android 9. 

Let us know how you do.


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