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Damian <damian@...>

Unfortunately I have to add a me-too.

I just took delivery of my shiny new iEXOS-100 and tested it during the day to get the hang of it. Only the Sun was available that worked fine, doing a rough polar alignment then slewing to it.
Went out at 11pm last night and after aligning, selecting anything from the catalog (I didn't try solar as neither the Sun nor Moon were present), caused the app to crash. "Unfortunately ExploreStars has stopped". Again and again. Reboot tab. Same. I lost a good night's conditions and gave up at 1am.

So far ES doesn't work with the new tablet I bought for it (Lenovo M8 - android 10 - will not find database), the old tablet (Lenovo A5500F - android 4.4.2 - crashes when selecting catalog items). I have access to an ipad - does that work any better ? Is the PC version (windows 10 only) any less flaky than the android one ? I have a windows 7 laptop to use APT with for focussing, but ES won't work with Windows 7 so that's out.

So it's back to the Star Adventurer Pro if I want to image anything right now.
Mounts: iEXOS100 (sigh). Star Adventurer Pro
Scopes: William Optics Zenithstar 61 with 61A Field Flattener
Cameras: Canon 600D
Software: Affinity Photo, DSS, PIPP, ASTAP, Startools, Registax

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