Re: Exos 2 PMC8 telescope size #EXOS2

Paul Mogg

On PhD2 you have to do some trial and error with the settings, and read their very good documentation on troubleshooting guiding issues. ..but the main things I find is that 1 sec exposure times give me better guiding than 3 sec, and the new Multi-star guiding gives better results than the older single-star guiding, though it has a bug in it where it occasionally seems to switch back to single-star guiding and you have to un-tick and re-tick the multistage guiding option box in the settings to get it back.

If you're on a Mac, I have had great success with Ekos / Kstars for all the capturing / polar alignment tasks. Its' new polar alignment routine seems very accurate, quick and easy to use, as is their plate solving. I often get polar alignment errors of only around 0.40" or less now.



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