Re: when you're not lookin at the stars..

James Ball

Looks much better than the wooden pier I made for my iEXOS-100 a few years ago.

It is isolated from the deck by lifting the square frame around the post that fills the void to prevent the post from bending when not in use.  So far it works really well even when I have the SW150MCT on the mount for planetary imaging.  The one in the photo is the ETX90.

James Ball
Dawson Springs, Ky
Mounts: iEXOS-100
Scopes: Meade ETX90RA(deforked now) Sky Watcher 150MCT
Camera: ZWO ASI 120MC-S
Software: Explore Stars Android, ASCOM, Stellarium Scope, Stellarium, AS!3, SharpCap, RegiStax6.

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