kevin power

I will get measurements tomorrow and see what I can get myself or there are a few metal fabricators near me so I could design something and get them to make it.

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I too have been looking at a pier. For my exos 2 in the UK. You could make one, I think you need to buy an adapter from altair astro. It fits the meade lx75 which I believe it's based on

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An extension would work for me or a pier I could put legs on, it's mainly to stop any collisions.

Had no luck with Google trying to find anything so when home tomorrow I will measure everything up and see about making one or converting other brands?



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   I don't see the pier on the Orion site. I only found a Meade pier that was very spendy. Are you talking about the tripod extension? I'm in the process of building a concrete pier with a 1/2 inch aluminum base plate.
Jerry Barth

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The Orion pier will work well with a slight modification with a hack saw to widen the slot and shorten the pin.

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Hi all

One last question for now.

I'm in the UK but is there a pier for the EXOS-2 PMC-EIGHT? In the last year I have had a couple of collisions with telescopes hitting the tripod legs.

Do Explore Scientific make one or is there another brand that fits? Maybe it's a case of having to get one made?


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