#iEXOS-100 Manual slew speed with INDI #iEXOS-100


Finally got some time to update the mount firmware to the latest version 20A1 and INDI to 1.9.0 yesterday.

One thing I noticed while doing a quick test was that the max manual slew speed was still very slow. I was hoping the new firmware and the latest INDI driver might have sorted this out. Is this something that is being looked into by the developers?

Scopes: APM-LZOS 115/805, Skywatcher 200P Dob, APM 107/700 (grab'n'go) & Altair 72EDF (terrestrial & white light solar)
Mount: Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 Pro w/ ADM DV saddle + QHY Polemaster, ES iEXOS-100 PMC8 w/ Fine AZ adjuster + ST2 tripod + RPi eFinder & Scopetech Mount Zero

Eyepieces: ES68 34mm, 24mm, 20mm; ES82 14mm, 8.8mm; Pentax XW 10mm; Baader Morpheus 6.5mm, Mark IV 8-24mm Zoom, 2.25x Q-Barlow; TV Delos 4.5mm, 2.5x Powermate
Imaging: QHY 163C, TS 2" 0.79x FR/FF, APM Riccardi 0.75x FR/FF M63, SW Evoguide flattener, IDAS NB1 triband filter, SW Evoguide 50ED + ZWO ASI120MM Mini (guiding)

Software: NINA, PHD2, ASTAP, Cartes du Ciel, DSS, PIPP, AutoStakkert2, PS CC

Binoculars: Vixen Ascot ZR 8x42WP

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