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Jerry Hubbell - Explore Scientific VP Engineering


Over the past 2 weeks various issues have arisen with the latest ASCOM Drivers supporting the Universal Firmware originally released April 12, 2021. There have been 3 releases of the ASCOM driver, the original release of the driver and then 2 updates. Users have reported issues with the driver while Auto-guiding their mounts with PHD2 which uses the ASCOM PulseGuiding() Method in the driver. In-house testing has verified intermittent halts of the pulse guiding function in PHD2 reported by a couple of users.  At this time, the problem has been isolated to these two versions of the ASCOM driver released  on 2021-05-17, and 2021-06-05. Based on these reports I have done the following:

1.  Removed the 2021-06-06 version of the Universal Firmware Installation Kit from the files section of the MAIN forum.  You should have received a forum message about that.
2.  Rolled back the ASCOM driver to the version dated 2021-04-10 in the Universal Firmware Installation Kit. This new kit is dated 2021-07-01, It is available on the Explore Scientific
Software and Downloads Page (ExploreStars Software & Database Downloads – PMC-Eight System Download — Explore Scientific LLC)
NOTE: The Universal Firmware Installation Kit is only available on the website from now on.
3.  The PMC-Eight Universal Firmware version 20A01.03 is the latest version and has been verified as working fine at this point and is included in the new Universal Firmware Installation
4. The Configuration Manager (CM) Firmware Download function now will show Universal Firmware versions 20A01.02, and 20A01.03 for installation. Version 20A01.03 has been added 
and is available to install from the CM.

REGARDLESS OF THE INFORMATION STATED ABOVE,  If what you have installed in your PMC-Eight System (Firmware/ASCOM Driver) is working for you, PLEASE DON'T CHANGE IT unless you want to rollback to Pre-Universal Firmware/ASCOM Driver.
The Pre-Universal ASCOM Driver is available on our website also.

If you have experienced any issues using PHD2 with your system, please continue to report that to us.

If you have comments or questions, please post them on this message thread.

Thank you for you help on this and I apologize for any inconvenience.

Jerry Hubbell
Vice President of Engineering

Explore Scientific, LLC.
jrh at
1010 S. 48th Street
Springdale, AR 72762

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