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I can provide some insight on item (3):


Reasons this may occur:

1.      Make sure your mount is aimed true North.

2.      Your mount needs to be level.  You should check all corners of the tripod legs:

The center after doing each corner of the tray.                 


Verifying tray and top mount are identical


Determining bubble level accuracy


3.      Making sure your imaging scope is balanced on both the RA/ DEC axis.

4.      Regarding SharpCap and its accuracy.   SharpCap accuracy can be

improved by aligning your iEXOS-100 tunnel/ guidescope/ and your telescope.

Make sure all three scopes are looking at the same object centered.  This can be verified

during the day by selecting a fixed object approximately a quarter-mile away. 

This should eliminate or greatly reduce most pointing errors.

5.      Once you have things figured out, try and setup in the same location, so you will

not have to repeat steps 1 and 2.

6.      There are no home position marks on the iEXOS-100 mount, so you will have to

make your own.  Most people use painters tape.  I use taped on numbers.



As for me, I can’t see Polaris due to numerous obstructions.  I level/ fully extend the tripod

legs of my mount and aim towards True North and go on my way.



From: [] On Behalf Of Sean
Sent: Saturday, July 3, 2021 11:01 AM
Subject: [ESPMC-Eight] Pulseguide settings & errors


First night out this summer and I encountered a set of new problems.

1.) First issue I encountered is in PHD2 I repeatedly see pop up "Pulseguide command to mount has failed". Now running the latest v2.6.10. 

My current Pulse Guiding settings for the driver are RA rate .40, DEC rate .40, and min pulse time 1.0. Before going out this year I did update firmware & driver, I assume whatever I had set last year was erased. I do seem to remember changing these settings per post here that I can not find. Should these be changed, if so to what?

Part of the night (west side) I was getting best guiding stats I had seen ever. When going to target eastward, not so much (I know I do have some balance issues to work out). One common thing through out the night is I would see the error popping up "Pulseguide command to mount has failed". PHD2 settings? Mount driver settings?

3.) Second issue is one that has plagued me since the beginning. I start the night after getting a good to excellent polar alignment via Sharpcap. I then slew to a target to sync in Cartes du Ciel (happens as well in Stellarium). When I go to the target I will be way off. I now use N.I.N.A. to plate solve to get me to the correct coordinates. When I move to another target it will again be way off. There are times though I can remember going directly to the first target of the night and getting it close to spot on. What causes this behavior?

Mounts: iEXOS-100
Scopes: ES ED80
Cameras:  ZWO 2600MM, LGRB+HA+S2+O3, Nikon D5600 (H-Alpha modified), Nikon D5300
Msc: ZWO 60mm guide, ZWO ASI120MM, ZWO ASIAIR
Software: N.I.N.A, Backyard Nikon

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