I fail to update my firmware - What am I doing wrong?


Hi community,

Since I have this mount I never managed to update the firmware. I gave it an other try with the recent firmware update, but no success.

 To update I use the PMC-Eight Configuration manager version 1.0.3.
The Log looks like:

9       ERR:303-No serial ports found.

8       Path to EEPROM: "C:\Users\AstroLuke\Downloads\PMC-Eight 20A01 Firmware Installation Kit 2021-07-01\20A01.03.eeprom"
7       Path to Propellent.exe:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Explore Scientific Utilities\PMC-8 Configuration Manager 1.0.3\Propellent.exe "
6       Attempting to upload ROM
5       Received: ESGp0000000!
4       Sending via Serial: ESGp0!
3       Received: ESGvES6B09T11!
2       Sending via Serial: ESGv!
1       Mount appears to be connected on Serial
0       The mount does not appear to be connected. Please check your settings and network connection.

I am connected to the mount, I can control it, but when updating it says "serial not found"...



Scopes: ES AR152 refractor, Tamron zoom-lens 70-300 mm
Cameras:  Sony a6000
Msc: none
Software: Siril, Affinity Photo, Sony Remote Control

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