Re: I fail to update my firmware - What am I doing wrong?


PROBLEM Solved!!!

I quickly tell my storie in case anybody else runs into the same issues as I did:

1) I got the Exos-II with PMC-eight. Everything worked fine. I primarily used the serial connection.
2) After some time I thought it might be nice to update the firmware, but it always threw an error (see below)
3) This week I had to reinstall windows on my telescope-computer and suddenly I couldn't connect to the pmc-eight anymore...
4) I tried everything...including a new FTDI-chipset cable (I used an old profilic-chipset before and it was fine besides the firmware update). But even with the new FTDI-chipset I couldn't connect via Ascom.
5) Accidently I noticed that I can connect with the new FTDI-cable via the PMC8ConfigurationManager! Strange?! but still not via Ascom, ERROR: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040402): Timed out waiting for received dataSystem.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040402): Timed out waiting for received data
6) But luckyly now the firmware update worked and I updated to 20A01. Still no connection via Ascom...
7) I checked out the new PMC-Eight 2A01 Configuration Tool 1.0 and it told me:
21:45:51.441 ESGi1152000000040040000900060011010!
21:45:51.441 Mount Type Error!:Please Select G11 or EXOS2 Mount,
             and Press SET New Configuration
21:46:01.316 OK
21:46:01.316 Sending Config String: ESSi1152000000040040080900060011010!
21:46:01.331 REBOOTING PMC-Eight System...

8) Now the connection via Ascom is fine :) and I have a updated firmware...
9) Looking for some clear skies :D

Scopes: ES AR152 refractor, Tamron zoom-lens 70-300 mm
Cameras:  Sony a6000, Nikon D5500
Msc: none
Control: N.I.N.A, Stellarium, Sony Remote Control
Post-Processing: Siril, Affinity Photo

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