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Wes Mcdonald



The ENTER key is the key that tells the alignment process that you have centered the object.  Sync is only used (in Android and iPad versions) after a routine goto and centering to coordinate all the motor counts to the object ra dec.  During alignment only use the enter button.

Somewhere in there after you pick the object for the alignment you have to press the goto button if the auto alignment is off.  Did you did that?


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Hi Wes

Thanks for the help, I have installed the ExploreStars App on an android tablet, the version i have installed is ES1.9.20051.494 DBVer2.3 FWVer 2.03.

Just to confirm the steps for the 2/3 Star alignment process this is what I am doing using the Android version above;

  1. Menu > Settings >  Set Auto Align to off
  2. click 2 Star Alignment (this takes me back to the main screen)
  3. Menu > Catalogue > Select first star to align (for example Vega), This brings up a screen with the star details. Click Sew to object. This brings up the main screen. 
  4. centre the star on the eyepiece/camera by using the Up/Down/Left/Right buttons
  5. What does the "Enter" button do here??
  6. Once the star is centred click on Sync
  7. Align the 2nd star by the same process in steps 3 - 6.
  8. Mount should now be aligned, so use catalogue to goto an object. The letter P in a tringle should be shown to indicate that the alignment data is being used.

Can you confirm that this is the correct procedure. 


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