Re: 2/3 Star Alignment, possible to select the stars to align? #ExploreStars #alignment

Wes Mcdonald


No worries.  

During the alignment process of 2 or 3 stars after centering use the enter button.  Once alignment is complete you can use the sync button after a goto once that desired object is centered up.

There are mount parameters that the 2/3 star alignment does not resolve.  In particular cone angle error and dec home position error.  When you do a sync on an object (after completing the virtual alignment done with the 2/3 star process) these errors are effectively removed.  This will improve the accuracy of the subsequent gotos.   Unfortunately, the further out of mechanical alignment your mount is in general, the sync correction applied will be more or less effective as you move out away from the place in the sky where you did the sync.  The way to think of this is that when you sync on, for example, a star in Orion, a goto to the Horsehead nebula, also in Orion should be very good.  But a goto for example to the pleiades may not be as good.  But a sync on a star there should make gotos to a star in Taurus be very close.

Using sync on a bright star that is easily found and identified visually is a great way to get deep space objects into your eyepiece/camera field of view.  Instead of doing a goto to the iris nebula for example which you would be unable to see with the naked eye to find it in a red dot finder, do a goto to a bright star nearby.  Center up that one and sync, then do a goto to iris.  Should be bang on.


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