Re: Can ExploreStars connect to IEXOS-100 via serial? #ExploreStars

Keith Krayanek


I would also like to see ExploreStars work wired. If at all possible.

I have always for a while now used my EXOS PMC-8 wired.  But a couple of weeks ago I volunteered to do outreach at the Woodruff Boys Scouts weekly for their Astronomy Merit Badges.

But I could not make the wifi connection to my ipad stay connected.  I changed wifi channels and it would work for ten minutes and then drop.  And after regaining wifi connection, ExploreStars will not connect.  But my ipad says it is connected to the PMC-8 network.  

I had to stop using the EXOS Mount wirelessly.  

Now the EXOS mount is just a visual demonstration of what an equatorial mount looks like and I use my roommates C-8 on the SE mount.

I could use the EXOS with Cartes du Ciel.  But I have found the goto to only be accurate with a good polar alignment.  And the kids can only stay a short time after it gets dark for about 30-40 minutes.  Sunset is around 8:47 and twilight is about an hour later.  So I do not have much time for the kids after dark.   

So to have the ExploreStars to work wired would be huge for me doing outreach.

Another feature that would be great is to have a search function like EQMOD has.  You do not know how many times I have had an object just outside the visual field of view.  And the search in eqmod will start a search that gets bigger and within a second or two the object enters the field of view.  This would really help when using the C-8 on the EXOS.  Just a thought, every telescope mount should have this function.


Keith Krayanek

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Can we add this to the wish list?  Please make ExploreStars work in both wireless and wired modes.




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On Thu, Jul 15, 2021 at 07:50 AM, Euan Milne wrote:

Is it possible to use ExploreStars on Windows10 with a serial connection to the IEXOs-100?

Hi Euan,

ExploreStars is a wireless only application.
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