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W. Christopher Moses

Hi Jerry,
No problem. I actually kind of enjoy doing tech support. Perhaps I'm just a masochist, lol.

And, thank you for the long write-up on the TDM. 

 I fully agree that time is the most valuable commodity when imaging. RIght now my two big time consuming tasks are babying the autoguider and prococessing.  With my camera, a CMOS ASI1600mm-c, it is better to shoot many short photos rather than fewer long ones.  THat actually has some advantages, but not when it comes to processing.  All those files suck up tons of disk space and take forever to work with.  There is no interactivity. You have to have a precisely defined workflow.  A drizzle itegration I did a few days ago took 10h.  That was on a hex core I-7 with 48g RAM and everything running on fast SSDs.

In short, I love the idea of the TDM and if that's how my final analysis comes out, I would really look forward to using one. Is there a lead time for them?

Also, I have that utility to let users change from serial <--> wifi and to send basic commands working.  I'm planning on spending an hour or two on it later this afternoon just putting a real gui on it.  If you have a second ot two to try it out, that would be great.

I hope you haf a good weekend,

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Hi Chris,

I have been away from the forum the past few days, I appreciate you jumping in and helping out. To me that is really the value in having this forum, sharing our experiences and helping out inexperienced folks is primary goal here, I have been working on updating the knowledge base; there is an article about the WiFi issue here:

I am working to continuously improve our documentation and help system to help even more beginners take advantage of our system going forward. It will be a lot of work getting beginners going and I expect we will see some more growth later on this year after we release another version of our PMC-Eight mount system at a price point that almost any beginner can afford.

Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering
Explore Scientific, LLC.

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