Re: Explorestars crashing android 10, #Android

Euan Milne

Hi Jerry,

Thing is, the new version of explorestars was working fine for 5days, it was only yesterday when it stopped working.

My tablet is is branded DuoDuoGo, 4gb ram, quadcore1.6ghz 64gb storage.  I have tried it on my wife's which is a Asus brand.

Will see if I can get Android 11 to test.  

Mounts: ES PMC-8 IEXOS-100
Scopes: TAL-1
Cameras:  Canon 1200D, Canon 70-210mm,  Tamron 150-600mm, 50mm prime. 
Msc: 12V Powerbank
Software: ExploreStars, SharpCap, All Sky Plate Solver

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