ES Losmandy G11 PMC-Eight One-Piece-Worm (OPW) Available Soon


I wanted to update everyone about the work I have been doing to provide a version of the One-Piece-Worm (OPW) for our version of the Losmandy G11. Scott Losmandy has recently completed his evaluation or our motor assembly for fitness to the OPW and has determined that it will work fine with a small modification. 

So in about 2-4 weeks we will have available for order on our website the Losmandy OPW for the ES Losmandy G11 PMC-Eight mount system. I will be reporting any status updates on this item on this forum and on CloudyNights in the Vendors Forum.

We have not made a decision yet about delivering the system with the OPW already installed on the G11, but I am sure we will decide that soon.

I want to thank everyone again for you continued support of our products and look forward to working with you in the future for your astronomy equipment needs.

Jerry Hubbell

Director Electrical Engineering

Explore Scientific, LLC.

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