Re: ES Losmandy G11 PMC-Eight One-Piece-Worm (OPW) Available Soon


Hi Steve,

If you are asking if we are going to provide upgraded couplers for free, then no, we will probably provide the upgraded Ruland couplers at our cost to those customers that want to upgrade. The cost would be substantially less than if you were to buy them from Ruland however. We have not set a price point yet, but depending on the customer's specific needs, it may be worth the upgrade.

I have just received the Ruland couplers from Alex and am going to install them in the next day or two and do some testing to determine if, with a good motor/worm shaft alignment, they make a significant difference in PE. If the existing couplers are used with a well aligned motor/worm shaft (pretty much what I have in the observatory) then installing the new Ruland couplers may not add any value. That's the purpose of my testing.

We will be making a statement soon talking about this issue and what our customers need to do to 1) determine and document they have the problem, and 2) determine what the proper fix is, whether just adjustment, replacing the motor plates, and/or replacing the couplers with the current ones, or upgraded ones.


Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering
Explore Scientific, LLC.

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