locked How to start guiding #astrophotography

Euan Milne


I looking into the possibilities of getting into guiding, currently looking at getting the ZWO120 mini and 30mm guide scope, this is to be used with the IEXOS-100,  600mm lens and dlsr. 

What would be the setup procedure, do I still need to use use Explorestars? If not how do I do the 3 star alignment and goto?

Pls help

Mounts: ES PMC-8 IEXOS-100
Scopes: TAL-1
Cameras:  Canon 1200D, Canon 70-210mm,  Tamron 150-600mm, 50mm prime. 
Msc: 12V Powerbank
Software: ExploreStars, SharpCap, All Sky Plate Solver

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