locked Re: How to start guiding #astrophotography

Wes Mcdonald


You will want to use something like Nina or Astro photography tool kit. To run your mount.  You can use stellarium to point to a. Object but you need to plate solve. Nina or apt will run this for you. You can import into them targets from stellarium and manage the goto and platesolving

Now you could do something like this;  get your self physically polar aligned.   Use Explorestars without 2-3 to go to a target.  You can find DSO by going to a nearby bright star, centering and synch.  Then do a goto to the DSO.   Now use phd2 and st4 guiding.  Then manage your camera manually.  It’s a good first step that uses more of what you already know.

Make sure Explorestars is in T mode.


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