Re: phd2 - "PulseGuide command to mount has failed - guiding is likely to be ineffective"

Euan Milne

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for taking the time to help, it is much appreciated. 

The weather that night was chilly with very little wind, The tripod was at half height (lower legs not extended) and sitting on concreate slabs. I had levelled and balanced the mount, in both axis with RA being slightly heavier. 

 I was close to the mount, within 4ft but not touching it during the session and moved around somewhat at the start which could explain the initial set of spikes, but after that I was content to sit and watch the images appear on screen. 

Would anti vibration pads on the tripod feet help? Also going to order some longer cables to connect to the laptop this will allow me to move a bit further away from the mount. 

Mounts: ES PMC-8 IEXOS-100
Scopes: TAL-1
Cameras:  Canon 1200D, Canon 70-210mm,  Tamron 150-600mm, 50mm prime. 
Msc: 12V Powerbank
Software: ExploreStars, SharpCap, All Sky Plate Solver

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