Re: RESEND: ANNOUNCEMENT - UPDATED Universal Firmware Installation Kit 20A01.1 2021-08-08 #ExploreScientific #ASCOM #FIRMWARE #UFCT

Jennifer Shelly

I am pleased to report that the new FW and new ASCOM driver worked great for me last night with my G-11.  The UFCT would not let me change the mount to G-11 from iExos-100.  It would select G-11 and my COM port and click Get My Current Configuration and it would revert to iExos-100 and tell me to either select Exos-2 or G-11.  I bypassed it by clicking Set Current Configuration and then it would let me change the mount to G-11.  The other thing I noticed in the UFCT is that Northern Hemisphere was not checked by default.  Not sure if this was intentional or not.  I did not notice it at first and was scratching my head trying to figure out why my mount was slewing towards the ground.  I did not have any issues with PHD2 guide pulses stopping.  Was able to guide my entire session.  The last thing I noticed is that I when I slewed the mount to my target my orientation from Stellarium was not taken into account.  Other than that a drastic improvement compared to my last time out. Now I have to do the same thing for my Exos-2 and iExos-100.

Jennifer Shelly
AstroPorch, VA

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