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Don Bradford

That may be a bit complicated, but historically I have been successful in operating my new EXOS2/PMCEight with ASIAIR Pro. ASIAIR Pro attaches through the serial port via RS232/USB cable (which has been reprogrammed to invert the DTR signal). I have operated the whole thing with my iPad mini. I wanted to be able (as an alternative) to use my MacBook for control of the PMCEight as well as other image processing. So I recently installed Parallels 17 and Windows 10. The past several days I have been trying to update the PMCEight firmware. It does not like simultaneous serial (ASIAIR) and WiFi. So now I just have the mount and PMC Eight wired, and the same serial cable used with the ASIAIR.  My WiFi info on the Mac/Windows says I am connected to the PMCEIGHT, but the PMC8 Configuration Manager seems to say otherwise.  On other bit of info: the ExploreStars App opens and says “DATA FILES MISSING” even though the files were installed at the same time as the app (if I did the installation correctly). I have been working on this for some time and with some success (including several problems with Windows 10) but I am stumped now. 
Don Bradford
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I can’t unpack your message.  Let’s take it to your current configuration of everything. 


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