Re: Explore Stars WIFI not working

Wes Mcdonald


1.  Be sure your PC does not connect to the wifi of the pmc8.  Forget the network and don't let it connect.
2.  Once PC will not connect via wifi, boot the PMC8.
3.  At this point you may connect your PC serially with stellarium under ascom or stellarium natively I believe.  But honestly I have not tested dual mode operation with stellarium direct to PMC8, only via ASCOM hub or Poth.
4.  You may connect the Ipad to the wireless and it should control the mount.

5.  The firmware knows ASOM has priority.  EXplorestars can issue commands when ascom is in a state, such as tracking, that allows EXplorestars to do something.  

It should work well.


Wes, Southport NC
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