Re: Com Port

Dino Monaco

Hi Don,

Your initial inkling may be correct. Try re-inverting your cable back.
I just had a similar issue last night when I attached my asiair with a reprogrammed FTDI cable. Everything worked fine in that regard.
Then I decided to update the PMC8 firmware afterwards and got no com Conifuguration Manager . It dawned on me that I needed to reflash the chip set back. But at that point I was stuck. Fortunately I had a spare usb/rs232 cable and was able to reestablish connection between my pc & PMC8.
Once you reconnect your Mac to PMC8 again, then make sure your pc is connected to your regular WiFi and not PMC8 WiFi. This should allow you to download the latest firmware and install it into PMC8. and give you dual capability for both serial & WiFi control.
Let me know if this helps.

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