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Don Bradford

Also, the missing ExploreStars App data is in the Windows version. iPad control works fine, and I guess has the full data base. 

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Wes:  The CM error messages are that I have to first establish WiFi connection with the PMCEIGHT.  Also, I was able to control the mount through the PMCEIGHT with my iPad even with the serial cable (with inverted DTR) plugged in (both ends). So if WiFi connection is required, how do I phrase the question to Parallels?  How do I describe the PMCEIGHT insofar as WiFi connection is concerned?  Is it like a separate computer or some other type device?  Also, to my earlier question: should my Windows 10/Parallels (once it is fixed) be able to control the mount by WiFi through PMCEIGHT and ExploreStars App?

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When you invert the DTR line on your chip set, I believe the cable will hold the PMC8 reset.  If you are trying to use wifi when the cable is attached to the PMC8, independent as to wheter it is also plugged into the PC I think the PMC8 is held reset.  With this condition, the CM will not see the PMC8 serial.

Another possibility for the CM to not see the serial connetion is that the PC is not connected to the PMC8 wifi.  Dpn't ask me why it has to be but it almost always needs to be for the CM to find the serial port.

BUT, you need not have the CM connected via serial (ie go through the connection tab) to load firmware.  Just get your PC onto your home network so you can get at the new code.  It is best to load the install pack from the web site.  This has all the files you need to upgrade the firmware.  Then you use the CM advanced tab to browse to the new firmware you got with the install pack and tell it to load.  Now the thing is, the CM might not do it because of the inverted DTR line, you will have to see.  If the PMC8 is held reset, loading will not occure.  If the the DTR line is upside down from what the loader expects, even if the PMC8 is not held reset, I expect the loader will not work.  

You might want to buy another usb-serial cable and not invert the DTR line.

What firmware are you running at this time?

As for explorestars telling you that the data fies are not found (in the ipad, correct?) I can't say.  If you load the app from the Apple store it all comes in.  Perhaps look at the setup page in the ipad explorestars and see where it thinks the data files are located.  If that adress is not where they are then I guess yo could try to change it.  I would probably just remove the app first though and reload it from the apple store.

One final thing is Parallels might not be giving you full access to the computer IO ports.  I have heard of such problems, but cannot specifically comment.  I can tell you I use a bootcamped mac mini to control my mount just fine.


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