Re: Explore Stars WIFI not working

Wes Mcdonald


No, you cannot load ascom etc on your ipad.  They are for PC only.

I trust you connected the ipad to the wifi for the pmc8?  Also, you made sure the PC did not connect to the pmc8 wifi correct?

So try this:

1.  Disconnect all serial stuff from pmc8.  Ensure PC is not connected to pmc8 wifi.
2.  Stop all instances of explorestars on the ipad.  there can be only one.  Do you know how to get rid of applications on the ipad?  You click the round button to show all applications and you sweep them up.  You have to do this to get rid of an old Exlorestars.  If you dont it aint gonna work.  Old sessions will not connect correctly.
3.  disconnect the ipad from the pmc8 wifi.
4.Reboot the pmc8.
5. Connect the ipad to the pmc8 wifi
6.  Boot the Explorestars.  Can you move the mount?

Assuming you can move the mount, now redo steps 1-3 as appropriate.

Then do:
1.  Connect serial cable from PC to PMC8.  Ensure PC wifi cannot connect to pmc8 wifi
2.  Boot POTH.  Connect poth to mount.
3.  Connect the ipad to the pmc8 wifi
4.  Boot Explorestars -- this is important.  It must not have been running already, see step 2 in the first sequence.
5.  Does the mount respond to Explorestars?  It should.

Assuming you get this far, 
1.  boot CdC.  connect CdC to Poth
2.  Does explorestars still command the mount? LDU buttons.
3.  Do a goto with the CDC, making sure the ipad indicates the explorestars is in T mode.

Generally the Explorestars needs to be in T mode before it is given control.  This mode change is automatic in the ipad when you press LRDU or menu etc.  Make sure this is happening.

Let me know how you do.

Wes, Southport NC
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