Re: Com Port

Wes Mcdonald


1.  You may control the mount via Windows wifi OR ipad wifi.  You cannot do both.
2. In parallels, you are just running windows.  Thus you select the serial port via the comm port selection in the ascom driver.  You are setting up the Driver as serial are you not?  It is one of the setup pages (main one I think) that happens when you open the settings for the driver from poth.
3.  You can use the windows device manager to find the usb to serial converter.

I verified the PMC8 will boot and run with the DTR line inverted.  So that is good.  I am not sure you can run the CM to load firmware with it that way, but you might be able to.  I have no way to try it.

What version of firmware are you running?  How old is your mount and have you ever upgraded it?


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