Re: Astrophotography Done with the iEXOS-100, EXOS 2, and G11 Post your Pictures and Details! Lets Show What These Mounts Can Do. #iEXOS-100 #G11 #EXOS2 #astrophotography

Godfrey B

My first post!
Heart Star.jpg

Taken on Sept 6th in my front yard
392x25s ISO 1600 using an Optolong L-pro filter and my 70-300mm Nikkor with the IEXOS-100 and my Nikon D5300

This photo is 2hrs and 24 mins of integration time in a Bortle 8 zone - its not much, but it's mine.

On Thu, Sep 9, 2021 at 3:13 PM Dave Cherry <andromedacity@...> wrote:

Some very nice shots there guys 😊


I haven’t posted for a while.

Here in Uk we haven’t had a great deal of clear nights

There was a a couple recently with a v dark moonless sky


I was happy to get this one of Andromeda in my Bortle 4-5 sky with just a  uv filter


I took 3.5 hours of lights, but wind blew the mount quite a bit so after throwing the blurs out, this shot is about 2 hrs worth of subs


Comments (good.. and constructive!) welcome.



Dave C






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Scopes: Sky Watcher 200PDS, Skywatcher 72ED
Mount: Explore Scientific PMC8 EXO2
Cameras: ASI 294MCPRO Coooled, Altair guide cam + 50mm scope
Software: Sharpcap Pro ,PH2, Stelarium Startools


Godfrey Benjamin
Mount: IEXOS-100 with Polar Scope
Camera: Nikon D5300
Hardware: Amazon Fire HD8
Software: ExploreStars
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

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