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Don Bradford

Wes:  Finally got the PMC Eight configured, and working with both ASIAIR Pro (via serial port) and PMC Eight via WiFi (ExploreStars in iPAD Mini).
To  install the new firmware (with the Configuration Manager) with Windows 10 (on Mac with Parallels 17), we had to use a new RS232 cable (the one for ASIAIR had to have the DTR signal inverted), and install the Com driver.  After firmware update, in the ExploreStars App I switched from "ignore FW" to "Use FW", and that seemed to allow things to work, although so many things were changing at that point, I can't be sure. I can now operate the mount with ASIAIR alternating with WiFi on iPad Mini.  However, periodically the WiFi process quits (even though the connection to the correct IP address looks correct).  The ASIAIR seems to be solid in its operation.  I was never able to get the PMC Eight to work in WiFi with the Windows 10/Parallels 17 combination.  Tried every option we could think of including the manual IP address "work around" suggested for Windows 10.  I will continue to work on this, but it is a low priority, since now I have two alternatives to make the mount work without using Windows on my Mac.   

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Read my long note.  You do. It have to connect cm via the connection tab to load software.  


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