Re: Exos 2gt with PMC instructions for a newbie

Frank Rich

Hello Ram
Welcome to the group. I too am just past a newbie, but still learning
Balancing a mount is not specific to ExosII. There are plenty of videos on YouTube 
I set the mount on a firm location then using a level I check each axis at the legs for level. Make sure one leg with the little black tab faces North 
Then I set the unit and secure. Before installing the scope put your counterweights on make sure clutches are locked first
Now to balance I realease the clutch that allows the scope to fall horizontal to grade hold the scope while doing this. I the using the counterweights balance the scope so it stays horizontal on both sides
Now with the scope horizontal clutches locked release the clutch that will make the scope fall forward or backwards. To balance this you will need the scope forward or back along the vixen mount. Be careful till balanced hold the scope.  You should now be balanced, oh by the way install all your gear on the mount before balancing 
Next step is to polar align. I suggest polemaster or sharpcap these are on YouTube 

Hope this helps
Frank Rich
To much equipment to list lol

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