Re: ESOS-II GS Mount confusion #EXOS2



Yes, I've validated that my Lat & Long are correctly updated in ExploreStars.  Time is also correct.
The camera/vixen bar altitude is set to your latitude? (My ignorance will show here..) I think I correctly polar aligned my mount.  I point the one leg (the one inline with the polar scope) towards
where Polaris is.  I try my best to get as accurate as possible.  I then turn on my 'red light' in the polar scope, and adjust my angle up and down with the two "handle" like screws. I then use the two knobs to adjust the side-to-side to get Polaris into the tiny little dot.  I also have my tripod leveled very accurately.  I perform this every time I take it out.

I hope this clarifies what I'm and have been doing.  I'm just confused as to what the other dials are for, like the dial where the balance rod goes into the mount and the dials around the polar scope eye piece.  Do I need to do anything with those?

I will certainly search for Wes' article and see if it helps me.  Thanks, Harry.

Mounts: EXOS-II GS, PMC-Eight
Cameras:  ZWO ASI 290MC, Canon 7D
Scope: ES-ED0806-01 (Backordered)
Software: ExploreStars (iPad)

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