EXOSII PMC-8 PHD2 Pulse Guide Error and others issues

George <Aquaboy16081@...>

I have dug through the forum and seen plenty of posts, but can't seem to find any solutions that match my problem, though it has been posted about. Also, they all seem to be slightly dated and there has been a lot of updates between ES firmware, PHD2, and ASCOM. That said I have had a love-hate relationship with the EXOSII, but wanted to find a new life for it. So I figured out how to get All Sky Plate Solver, POTH, and Stellarium to talk finally. I tested that out last night and was successful at locating every single target with this method. It is not super convenient, but also not bad.

So here's my problem.  The new ES firmware allows for simultaneous communication over both the serial and the wifi, so I don't know if it is necessary or valid to switch the communication method in the PMCEight Manager. As stated, I could effectively communicate over POTH with Stellarium and ASPS. I thought I might try to check in with PHD2 as there was some drift (I didn't get perfectly polar aligned) and wanted to test it with the mount. However I encountered a Pulse Guide Error message with PHD2 not being ale to control the mount. No real reason that I am aware of for this. It just didn't want to seem to move the mount.

  1. I tried the Manual Test and it wouldn't register any movement while watching a guide star.
  2. Had other instances of "Not enough movement" I think those were mostly in the East-West calibration, but can't remember for sure. I was getting frustrated a little, and since my primary purpose last night was proof of function for the plate solving, I wasn't paying the attention I should have.
  3. I did have some frequent image drops through my camera connection (that's a separate issue).
  4. I did at one point turn of the enable server option, saw a post about turning that back on so I have, will test that later.
  5. Have seen multiple posts about checking the PHD2 port??? Honestly did searches to find out how to check that and couldn't even figure out where to look at what Port PHD2 is using.
  6. I've attached PHD2 logs, perhaps someone else can make sense of what I'm experiencing. 

I'm frustrated, I want to love the mount. It's been sitting collecting dust while I use another brand mount because it is more user friendly. But let's be honest, the EXOS2 is built like a tank with belt drive and a larger payload capacity than most in its price range. Now that I know how to use it to navigate around to the objects I want, the guiding is my only real issue for a really solid imaging rig.

Skywatcher Quattro 8"
ATIK One 6.0 with OAG and ATIK GP guide camera (camera routed through built in USB hub on ATIK One)
Stellarium (Latest vers.)
ASCOM (latest vers.)
PHD2 (latest vers.)

Hope someone can think of a solution that I can't find or think of. 

Best Regards,
George McBroom

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