Re: ESOS-II GS Mount confusion #EXOS2


Yes. Home position is when your mount is polar aligned and the arrows are matching on both RA and DEC. If your mount was powered up while you were doing a PA using the polar alignment scope (which requires you to rotate the dec axis 90 degrees), then that would account for the 90 degree error you’re seeing. The fix is easy: After you’re PA is done, loosen the clutches, align the arrows, tighten the clutches, and THEN power up the PMV-Eight electronics. That zeros the motor counts at known, repeatable angles. There are ways to establish a more accurate home position than relying on the arrows, but for now, it might be close enough to get you going.




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So, by "home" position, do you mean that the etched arrows need to be in alignment on the RA and DEC? (I have pics in my original post regarding those arrows).
Chuck, this may be my problem, and when I get a chance to go back out I will give this a try.  This is very good information!

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