Struggling with firmware update #FIRMWARE


Hi folks
I thought I'd finally have a go at updating my EXOS II to the latest firmware but now I'm struggling
At the same time I wanted to install the software onto a different laptop

I followed the instructions in the PDF file with the firmware installation kit (PMC-Eight 20A01 Firmware Installation Kit 2021-08-08)
It seemed to update the firmware, I got the success message in the config tool
I went on to install Ascom 6.5 with POTH and tried to use POTH to slew the scope but nothing happened (Unparked and set to track first of course)
I installed the Explorestars app and data but on launching it just say's "Please Wait"

Certainly I've done something wrong but can't figure out what?

EXOS 2 PMC-Eight Watchdog Disabled
Fujifilm X-T2
Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary
Vixen VMC-110L

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