Re: Fitting a losmandy dovetail to exos-2 gt #EXOS2

Ram Bache

Thank you for the three options and the recommendation as well
I am going to take the option 1 for now until I get some experience. 

On Oct 12, 2021, at 09:54, Jennifer Shelly via <drunkendogg@...> wrote:


The cheapest option is to replace the Losmandy dovetail on the scope with a long Vixen dovetail.

The next mid-range price option is and ADM D to V converter that fits into your existing Vixen saddle that coverts Vixen to Losmandy.

The most expensive option is to replace the Vixen assembly on the mount with an ADM DV assembly which would give you access to both Vixen and Losmandy connections.  This option is requires some technical skill because you have to remove the DEC motor along with the Vixen assembly. The ADM replacement does require drilling or filing to widen the slot to remount the DEC motor in order to use the existing bolts.  

I chose the last option because I personally do not trust saddle connections that use screws for a large scope.
It is all a matter of preference.  

Jennifer Shelly
AstroPorch, VA

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