Re: Struggling with firmware update #FIRMWARE

Wes Mcdonald

Can’t say why poth won’t stop but the hub works fine.   There was an issue long ago but that is corrected now

I would suggest that the arrow keys on poth are not what you should use for centering objects anyhow.  There are alternatives.  One is to use your tablet running Explorestars as the Left right up down arrows.   Simply join the WiFi network with the tablet while the pc is connected via serial. 

If you are using ascom over WiFi then you cannot use Explorestars.  But if you are using ascom the. You should find an application that has LRDU buttons .  One option is to load NINA.  While it might not be what you want to use to manage your session (but it is fabulous) it has under its telescope section a dandy LRDU button.  It does however run the mount at 2.5 degrees per second so that is sort of fast. 

You might load ascompad which is a free app to provide a keypad.  

While the arrow keys on poth are useful for some things (maybe) Anything is better in my view.


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