Re: EXOSII PMC-8 PHD2 Pulse Guide Error and others issues


I don't have much experience since I just started guiding, but I have played around with PHD2 on the EXOS2 using my main scope and camera. I'll add the following in case the powered hub problem is not a solution.

I know many do guide successfully with the EXOS2 and certainly, there should be no issue with communications between the EXOS2 ASCOM driver and PHD2. Furthermore, the fact that you are using POTH and Stellarium to move the mount means the COM port has been set correctly. Looking at the log (which I don't claim to understand completely), it does show that connection the the PMC8 Ascom driver is successful (open the debug file a search for 'pmc'), so that is not the source of your problem.  

Since this is probably setup related, you might get some help at the phd forum.

There are people there that DO understand the log files very well.

Hope this helps.

Mounts: ES EXOS2 PMC-8
Scopes: Skywatcher Evostar 120ED
Cameras:  iPhone, Lumix LX-7, SvBony 305
Software: ExploreStars (windows and iPad), ASCOM, Stellarium, PS Align Pro, SharpCap

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