Re: ASCOMPAD and PMC-8 Connection Problems

Mark Lamb

My PMC-8 has remained in the serial mode the last few times I have used it in the past week; each time having been totally powered down in between.  I have no idea why it was automatically reverting to wifi after power down the previous couple of times???  I will keep it in serial connect mode, though in the interim wifi had worked flawlessly for two nights last week, with the tablet ~3ft from PMC-8.  My previous wifi problems could have been caused by my tablet being 1-2ft away???

My ASCOMPAD continues requires the window to be visible and being "clicked" on for my XBox controller to move the mount, however.  PITA

I still have not done any PHD2 guiding, as PHD2 was NOT getting exposures from my QHY5L-II-M.  Yesterday, I played with PHD2 in my basement, and I still had some connectivity problems, but I was finally able to get the camera to work connecting it as "QHY Camera".  For some reason, connecting as QHY5L-II (???) would not work.  Hopefully, PHD2 will work the next time I have good weather.


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