Re: ESOS-II GS Mount confusion #EXOS2



You da man!  I was able to finally get out and test your theory.  Although I wasn't able to precisely align my scope due to just using the view finder of my camera, it slew to the general positions 
that I chose from the catalog.  I assume that I will have to do a 3-star or 2-star alignment each and every time?  I think once I get a real scope mounted on, I can better align the mount.
But, yeah, before turning the PMC on, I made sure to match up the arrows, then turn on the PMC.  Oh, and I did turn auto alignment off.  Should I always have this setting off?

Are there any tricks when performing a 3-star or 2-star alignment?  I'm not opposed to doing things the hard way, but if you (or others) recommend that I purchase any software and equipment for that purpose, I would love to hear any recommendations.

Again, thank you and the rest of the group for helping me get over what I'm sure is my first hurdle.  :)


Mounts: EXOS-II GS, PMC-Eight
Cameras:  ZWO ASI 290MC, Canon 7D
Scope: ES-ED0806-01 (Backordered)
Software: ExploreStars (iPad)

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