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I’m glad you have cleared that hurdle! But I think I’m the wrong one to help you with 2- or 3- star alignments. My backyard has a very limited area of sky , and I can’t see anything below 45 degrees elevation…and even then, over only a small azimuth. So, I’ve never tried that alignment method. My solution, since I can see at least the eastern part of the region around Polaris, was to obtain a small guide scope and camera, and to use SharpCap to do the polar alignment. That made a huge difference; I can now slew to a selected star and be pretty close. A plate-solve will center it quickly. I am using a tripod-mounted P.C. (one of the inexpensive “mini-computers”) with a short serial connection to the PMC-8 box. I’ve got a small monitor & wireless keyboard/mouse plugged into the P.C.  Once I’m set up and running, I can switch over to Remote Desktop and monitor the guiding and exposure sequencing from inside the house. Other systems like Asiair, and Raspberry PI should be similar. Getting that stuff working was easier than expected, and it seems to have paid off with a big bang-for-the -buck.


You are a couple steps away from that level of complexity…maybe one of the helpers here on the forum can advise you on a 2/3 star alignment, or even a simple drift alignment. But hang on; each of these challenges has a solution or two, and the learning process is a lot of fun.






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You da man!  I was able to finally get out and test your theory.  Although I wasn't able to precisely align my scope due to just using the view finder of my camera, it slew to the general positions 
that I chose from the catalog.  I assume that I will have to do a 3-star or 2-star alignment each and every time?  I think once I get a real scope mounted on, I can better align the mount.
But, yeah, before turning the PMC on, I made sure to match up the arrows, then turn on the PMC.  Oh, and I did turn auto alignment off.  Should I always have this setting off?

Are there any tricks when performing a 3-star or 2-star alignment?  I'm not opposed to doing things the hard way, but if you (or others) recommend that I purchase any software and equipment for that purpose, I would love to hear any recommendations.

Again, thank you and the rest of the group for helping me get over what I'm sure is my first hurdle.  :)


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