locked #iEXOS-100 with ASIAIR stops tacking #iEXOS-100

Walter Torres <walterftorres@...>

Hello everyone,
         Hoping there's a kind soul out there that has figured this out.  I just got my iExos-100 last week and have been struggling to keep the thing tracking.  I searched through the topics but didn't really find a solution to my problem.  Has anyone using this mount with an ASIAIR managed to keep it tracking for more than a few seconds after leaving the ASIAIR app or turning the screen off?  The only way the mount will track is if the phone is on and the app is on the foreground.  Even if a notification will make the mount stop tracking

I did update the firmware of the mount to the latest 20A01.1 this morning in hopes that was the problem but sadly it did not help at all.  I am using it with an ASIAIR Pro, on iPhone X, iOS 13.7.

Thank you,

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