locked Re: #iEXOS-100 with ASIAIR stops tacking #iEXOS-100

Wes Mcdonald


If you upgraded and do not know what UFCT means it means you have not finished upgrading!

The install pak of files in one big old zip file is available on the ES web site.  

Go down until you see the PMC8 System Downloads,

Unzip the files and you will find the firmware, a pdf with instructions for downloading and configuring the firmware, the Configuration Manager, the new ASCOM driver installer, and something called PMC8-2A01 Configuration tool.  The last one is the Universal Firmware Configuration Tool (UFCT) for the new new firmware.  Run it and follow the instructions in the pdf file to get the new firmware set up.  This will help.

As for if this is the only thing you need to do for the ASIair to work I can't say.  I don't have one, but I know others do and they seem to be doing OK with it.


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