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Good luck Walt


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Wes, thanks for all the help.  Gourps.io deleted my previous attempt to reply, I guess it was too wordy so i'll keep it simple this time.  I confirmed through the configurator that the mount did update to the latest firmware "Received: ESGvES20A01.1 Release 2021.08.08: ES1A01CB20A01, ESP8266, DST4!"  I can not find the option or command to set "Continuous Track with loss of comms" to true.  If you know how to do that and can share it with me I'll be very grateful.  These are the options I see in the configurator.
I also looked in here and did not find how to do that, unless I missed it.

EDIT: I re-read your reply and FINALLY realized that I was still opening the wrong configurator.  I've got it now, perhaps there is even time to test it tonight to see if that solved it.  thank you so much!

EDIT#2: Sorry to add one more message just wanted to update in case another ASIAir user finds this topic they will have the answer.  Setting "Continuous Track with loss of comms" to true fixed the issue.  I'm getting perfectly round stars at 60sec exposures.  Now I can set my Autorun plan and go to sleep while the mount does all the work.  Thanks again!

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