Re: Telescope Recommendations #iEXOS-100


While on the subject of telescope purchases, it might be apropos to mention the company that provides this forum for us (Explore Scientific).   In addition to the PMC-Eight mounts, they make wonderful, highly rated, and sought-after scopes, too!


Even better, perhaps we should be limiting our telescope discussions to weight, size, and other generic attributes as they relate to the PMC-Eight System mounts.   


Just Sayin’



Chuck Lewis




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Subject: Re: [ESPMC-Eight] Telescope Recommendations #iEXOS-100


I use the WO Z61 easy to find targets (wide field of view) you will need the flattener if taking photos IMO

Also to balance the mount, you may need another counterweight.  I just threaded a 6" bolt into the counterweight bar so I can slide my (2) weights further down to achieve balance


Very well made and easy to setup




Frank Rich

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