Re: ASCOMPAD and PMC-8 Connection Problems

Mark Lamb

I got outside last night for a few hours before clouds, and PHD2 worked with my QHY5L-II-M, using QHY Camera", though tracking was not very good, ~1.9" error.   I was tracking M13 near the Zenith.  Looking at 60s exposures before and after engaging PHD2 showed a noticeable improvement, however.  

I wanted to get 1,2,3,4,5 min exposures to see how they compared, but it was clouding up noticeable during the exercise, with many PHD2 warnings during the 4 min exposure (loosing stars), so I only have 1-4 min to compare.  Although the conditions were rapidly deteriorating, and background sky color changing significantly, the star shapes of 4 min was close to that of the 1 min, upon casual inspection.

Having used PoleMaster for alignment, is PHD2 drift alignment needed?  (I did NOT.)

I only did the PHD2 calibration at my M13 target, near Zenith.  I recall that it is recommended to calibrate on stars near the horizon at meridian, which I definitely did NOT do.  Is this a problem?

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