Question from prospective buyer: MacOS / iOS support


I use two Mac laptops, and iPad, and an iPhone.  One laptop is configured with bootcamp, so I use Windows under duress. ExploreScientific sales (always helpful) say MacOS and iOS support is coming and may happen in early 2019.  Can anyone confirm or provide further details?

I run Windows Autostakkert 2 and 3 and Registax executables inside wine on my Mac.  Does ExploreStars and other Windows executables that interface to the PMC-8 run work properly inside wine on a Mac that has a USB-serial interface? Can I survive until there is real Mac support?

What are my options if I choose to sidestep the platform issue by controlling the G-11/PMC-8 from a browser window that was tethered via wifi or 100-base-T ethernet? Would I have basic slewing controls? Could I do alignments? Could I switch between point and track mode?  Would I have Go-To capability?

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